Why Should Blogging Career Choose? And How Does A Professional Blogger Become?

What is a Blogging career?

Blogging Career is a career that gives you complete independence. You do not have to go to the office, you do not have a boss. You can be blogging from wherever you like. You must have only a computer and an internet connection to become a Blogger.

Blogging in India is still considered very little. Many people do not understand that blogging is also a flower time career. 9 to 5 work in India is given great importance, and if this is a government job, then there is nothing better than that.

If you consider blogging as a career, an online job, or business and want to make a career in it. So it is very important to take care of certain things, which I am going to tell in this post.

Blogging is a full-time career or a part-time career?

Professional Blogging is a Full-Time career, there is no doubt in it. All the professional bloggers in the world are all full-time bloggers and blogging is their full-time business and job.

The owner of labnol.org is a professional blogger. The owner of shoutmeloud.com is a professional blogger. Similarly, the owner of copyblogger.com is a professional blogger. World I have many such professional bloggers, who give their full time in this career.

Blogging is a passion.

Why do people want to come to the blogging field?

There are two types of people coming to blogging, one for whom blogging is a passion and others come to earn fast and more money.

If you come to the first category, you can get quick success.

And if you have seen other types of categories, meaning that other bloggers are earning more money, then finding success in Blogging Career is almost tricky. Because money is your passion, not blogging.

Therefore, within a few days of starting blogging, when money does not come, then such people get frustrated and leave blogging too. Then this blogging career fails right here. And never come again in Blogging Career.

No matter how insignificant and obsessive of any human, it makes him a professional. Now whether it is blogging, sports, engineering, writing, painting, mountain climbing, etc.

Who should choose a blogging career?

Blogging Career should choose it, which you would like to read and write throughout life. Those who are willing to learn and learn new things according to their interest throughout life, who consider yourself a student throughout life. Because blogging is such a career, in which 24 × 7 times of the year have to be given.

Blogging is one of the hardest things in the world, which should never make the mistake of being easy to understand.

Blogging is not a quick way to become rich.

Often people consider Blogging a way to become rich overnight. Because they search online to know that some Blogger earns $10000 to $500,000 every month.

Such people think that some early posts are published on your blog, traffic will start coming to the blog, then Google will start paying. It is very easy to speak and listen, but this does not happen. Blogging Career is a Career, which requires a lot of patience.

Most people start blogging by looking at another professional blogger. But you believe that within 3 to 6 months of starting blogging, his blogging career will end forever. Because they know within 3 to 6 months that Blogging Career is not made for them.

Blogging is such a career, in which your obsession, dedication, patience, and your way of working smart is very important. If you want your blogging career to last long, then it is very important to be patient.

You should become a person who laughs at your defeat to do not be overly disappointed, and who also finds the opportunity to succeed in their failures.

Is Blogging Career Safe?

Now it comes to the fact that if you choose Blogging Career, then how safe is it? Somewhere blogging will not stop, people will not even leave the content, but they will not. Then what will happen to me, my blogging career will end, I will be worthless There are many questions that go on in the mind of every new blogger.

Blogging started in 1994, since then it has been growing ever since. WordPress has 36 million blogs, and there are around 450 million blogs all over the world. The blogging industry has been 25 years old and in its 25 years of its development, you can estimate how fast the blogging industry is growing.

According to WordPress, 409 million people see more than 20.7 billion pages per month. WordPress users post 136.2 million new posts every month, and blog readers make 77.7 million new comments every month.

As long as the internet remains, blogging will never end. The blogging industry will definitely be there for the next 25 years. The reason for this is that the time to come is the smartphone, cheap internet connection, computer technology, etc. All Internet users will try to find almost every topic from the Internet. There are still many topics that lack good content writers. That is why it is difficult to end the blogging industry.

People just watch a lot of videos on Youtube, but most of that video is made only by searching on the content blog. If the blog is closed, 90% of Youtube channels will be closed.

Now as the Internet and technology will change – the way people use the Internet will also change. The way of blogging will change accordingly, but blogging will stop, it does not seem likely.

If seen, Blogging Career is very safe and will remain safe in the coming times. Understand with your job example, if you do not go to work then the salary will stop getting paid. In the same way, if you will not work hard in blogging, do not post, your blogging career will also end.

Do not depend on a single income source.

Never should one rely on income in life. Because today’s income is coming well, but tomorrow is closed, so where will you go? Therefore, a professional blogger does not consider the income coming from his blog as sufficient. Therefore, he keeps on searching the other houses of income also, hence the path of income can be made from other places.

He never repeats this saying, “Do not put all your eggs in a basket.” If ever bad, the second source of income comes in handy.

World’s largest investor Warren Wuffe has said, “Never depend on a single income, make the investment to create a second source.” Therefore, always seek out other ways of income through your skill.

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