1:Installation Of The WordPress

Here I am starting the tutorial of WordPress from installation to finishing the blogging website.

Before Installation, you have to buy domain and hosting.

I have explained in detail about domain and hosting. Please see this post.

In this post you will learn Installation Of The WordPress.

Now we start step by step with infographics.

Login to the cPanel which is provided you by the hosting company.


Find the Softaculous Apps Installer. And click on that.

1:Installation Of The WordPress

In the Softaculous, find the WordPress icon and click on it.


In the WordPress installer screen, Click on the Install button.

WordPress Installer

Next, you see the WordPress installation screen.

I recommernd you, alway choose latest version of WordPress.
Choose installation url, In this section, if you have SSL then choose https:// otherwise choose http://
In Directory, leave blank.
Admin username and Password, should be always complecated. You can see the default username is Admin but you should change it.

Site name and desctiption you can set according to your site.

Set the email of your domain’s ectention which you can create in cPanel.

After finish these settings, Click on Install button at the bottom.
WordPress Installer Screen
Admin Details

You will see the screen of Installation in progress.

installation in progress

WordPress Installation completed now. The first step of your website is now finished.

Installation Finished

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