How to get auto backup of the website?

Whenever we start blogging, our data is more important than all. We write great content and make our blog famous.
But whenever our site gets hacked all our hard work is wasted.
So we have to back up our site regularly.

In this post, I will guide you in detail about an automatic backup plugin.

WPvivid Backup & Migration Plugin

With the WPvivid plugin, you can store backups of your website on both offline and cloud storage.

With this plugin, you can upload the backup of your site to automatic cloud space by setting a time schedule.

The WPvivid plugin sports Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Microsoft OneDrive, DigitalOcean Spaces, FTP and SFTP.

Now we will see, how to set up the WPvivid plugin?

Install plugin from WordPress plugins.

After installation, go to the plugin’s settings.

backup of website

Set the folder name of your choice. And set other options according to the above screenshot.

Remote Storage Settings

remote storage

Click on the Remote Storage tab. Then you will see various cloud storage options. In the above screenshot, I set the Google Drive settings. You can set more than 1 storage destination.

You have to authenticate by click on the Authentication button.

Schedule Settings

How to get auto backup of the website?

Goto schedule settings, enable the backup schedule.

If you write a blog daily then set daily otherwise weekly is a good option for auto backup.

Always select database+files for complete backup.

Last, select send the backup to remote storage, which is google drive here.

That’s it. No need to set other options. Use that by default.

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