How much cap space will the Atlanta Falcons have in 2023?

The Atlanta Falcons front office has spent the last year focused on creating cap space and fixing an Atlanta Falcons franchise that was clearly broken. Moving on from the majority of veterans (Jake Matthews and Grady Jarrett are the exceptions) the front office opted for short-term pain in favor of the ability to make moves quickly.

Deion Jones will be the last painful dead cap hit the Falcons have to deal with next season with the rest of their cap opening up. As currently constructed the Falcons will have just over $70-million in cap space heading into the 2023 off-season.

This clearly will make Atlanta one of the top buyers and give them the ability to chase any player they wish in free agency. The years of bargain shopping should be over for a roster that badly needs an infusion of talent on both sides of the ball.

While $70-million is more than enough to make the Falcons a playoff contender in a weak NFC South they can easily increase this number with two simple moves that should be made regardless of their cap hit.

Cutting Marcus Mariota and Feleipe Franks opens up Atlanta’s cap space to nearly $83-million giving them another big move to make in place of two players who won’t make an impact in Atlanta next season.

It is clear that Franks isn’t working out at quarterback or tight-end and Mariota is clearly no longer a starting quarterback in this league. It is time to move on from both players and give the Falcons even more cap space to work with.

Atlanta could use this cap space not only to make a splash in free agency but to lock up Chris Lindstrom or A.J. Terrell two young players who will both be looking for extensions this off-season. No question this Atlanta front office has done an incredible job at creating cap space and giving the Falcons a chance to finally turn the corner.

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