About Me


Harpreet Singh

I am H. S. Harry, the founder of this website class99.us.

Through this website I guide people how to start blogging and make their career online.

I started my career with the IT industry as a software developer after finished my B.tech degree.

I started my job as a programmer, in which the same 10 to 6 job and same daily routine.

Then in 2018, I started blogging and affiliate marketing as my main career.
Now, in addition to writing my blog, I also give online education to select people and also serve Websites, Graphic Designing, and Google Ads.

There have been many changes in my life after becoming a blogger. Now I live my life as I wish.
I do not have a boss. When I go anywhere I want. I also play adventure games.

You must explore my blog and start blogging as your career.

Blogging is not a difficult task if you are hardworking.

Good Luck …

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