6 Places To Get Blog Post Ideas When You Have Nothing To Blog

The spots or strategies that I have referenced beneath helped me locate some good thoughts for blog entries.

6 Places To Get Blog Post Ideas.

Let’s begin!


Reddit is similarly comparable to Udemy with regards to discovering blog entry thoughts. You can peruse through various subreddits and investigate what’s being shared.

Furthermore, in the event that you take a gander at the remarks on the posts in a subreddit, you’ll get a thought of what individuals need.

At that point, you can utilize this to make content for your blog.


Quora is the biggest Q&A website on the planet and this implies you can discover blog entry thoughts from individuals who can possibly turn into your blog perusers.

Simply head over to Quora and quest for any point you expound on your blog. I’m looking for ‘blogging’. Snap-on the appropriate response tab to discover addresses that are unanswered.


Presently, you can transform these inquiries into blog entries and develop your crowd utilizing Quora. So straightforward!

3.Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers isn’t as dynamic as Quora yet at the same time, individuals go there to discover answers to their inquiries.

This implies you can discover great substance thoughts from Yahoo Answers. I scanned for ‘Skin Care’ on Yahoo Answers and here are the results:

yahoo answers

These are some smart thoughts to compose on a wellbeing blog or a skin care blog. Additionally, you can discover thoughts from Yahoo Answers just by entering your keyword or topic.


When you search on a topic, in the result, you also show YouTube results.

YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google.

Watch this video and get ideas for your blog.


I love reading articles on Medium. It’s the place where you can search for something and find top-notch quality content.

6 Places To Get Blog Post Ideas When You Have Nothing To Blog


Slideshare is the best place to find presentations. This is a part of LinkedIn.

You can find good ideas for your blog from the presentations.

Here are the results that show up when you search ‘blogging’ in Slideshare:

6 Places To Get Blog Post Ideas When You Have Nothing To Blog

As you can see these are some good ideas for blog posts and if you explore these slides, you’ll get more ideas within the topic ‘blogging’.

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