6: How to Add New Posts?

In this post, you will learn How to Add New Posts?

Now you can start blog posts. WordPress now gives you a new editor named Gutenberg. Here you will learn how to add new blog posts, add images, and other settings step by step.

Let’s Start…

Adding Title and Content

Gutenberg editor is commonly known as block editor which comes with a clean writing interface. At the top, you add the title of the blog post.

how to add title, content, and images in blog post.

On the top of the post add title and then write your content. You can add various components by click on the PLUS icon.

How to add images in the post?

Click on the image icon which you can find in the component section by click on the PLUS icon.

add images

You can upload, select from the library or place images from a specific URL.

Add Featured Image

Featured image is that image that will show to people at the top of the blog post.

On the right sidebar, you can select or upload a featured image.

add featured image

Add Heading

Click on ‘+’ button and you will see all elements which can be used in post. Here you will see the element heading with icon ‘H’. Choose this element and create a heading.

add heading

Other important settings

Before publishing your post, you have to select relevant categories and tags. Then publish your post.

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